It's Pop-Up Season!

We will hold as many pop up outdoor music classes as the weather allows this winter! As a general rule, it must be above 40 degrees AND sunny, otherwise it's just too cold to play guitar (gloves don't allow us to play  the chords properly).

If a mild and sunny day comes around we will post a pop up schedule on our Facebook and Instagram accounts, so make sure to follow us there and send us a message if you have any questions. As always, classes will be drop in and $20/child.

We've had lots of inquiries about indoor classes. In pre-pandemic times we used to hold open classes throughout the winter in locations around the city as well as private in-home pods. For now, we're still holding off on anything indoors until the latest wave subsides, but we're really hoping that things change in the coming months. Stay tuned and join our mailing list- we'll certainly let everyone know if it looks like things are shifting in a direction that makes indoor music classes a safe option again.

For now, please tune in to our virtual class every Friday at 10:15 EST! We stream a full music class from our living room every week- all you have to do is pull up our Youtube channel or Facebook page and you'll find it. You can comment on the Facebook stream and we'll respond in real time to give shoutout or song requests- we love saying hello! 





Looking ahead to spring!

Regular outdoor classes will resume some time in April, and we're always looking for new neighborhoods and communities to serve. If you have a good outdoor spot in mind and a group of friends who would be interested, please reach out as the weather warms up!


 Changing nap times, colds & flus, family vacations- we know how hard it is to commit to an expensive package or series. Drop in when you can, no need to feel guilty or lose money if your child is just having one of those days. Follow us on for daily updates!