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Mom & Baby Musical Meetup
with Suzanna
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Music, conversation, intro to baby sign language, developmental activities, core work, and a chance to meet other new moms in your neighborhood. 

Nothing to book right now. Check back soon.

When I was a new mom wrestling with sleepless nights, feeding drama, and a million questions about whether I was doing anything right at all, there was one thing that got me through- friends. Specifically other new moms in my neighborhood who were going through similar struggles. Coming together in those first few months while most of us were on maternity leave provided the groundwork for friendships that have endured and sustained us all through the hardships and triumphs of the past few years. 

Building your tribe is of utmost importance to surviving the tumultuous newborn (and toddler) phase, but when you’re sleep deprived and feeling uniquely vulnerable it can be hard to put yourself out there. The isolation of the past few years has only served to heighten social anxieties and with lingering safety concerns it's even harder than before to reach out and meet other parents. 


My hope is that these classes will give you an excuse to put on (comfortable) pants, get out of the house, and start making connections with people who can relate to everything you're going through. The other stuff is just a bonus- live musical entertainment for little growing brains, an introduction to baby sign, core exercises to strengthen your weakened midsection, tummy time tips, and new songs to sing at home while you're bonding with your new love. 

Age Range

This class is designed for pre-walkers only, but there's no lower age limit. New moms need support at every stage, so you're welcome to join us even if your baby is only a few weeks old and you're hobbling out the door desperate to have an adult conversation. You can even join when you're still expecting- there will be plenty of info and music to file away for when you need it, and plenty of moms who would be happy to share their delivery stories and cheer you on as your due date approaches. 

Pricing and Scheduling

For this particular class I ask that everyone register beforehand so attendance doesn't get out of hand (ideal class size is around 10 mom/baby pairs). However it is still technically a drop in class- you don't pay til you come, so if there's a diaper explosion or a nap disaster or any other extenuating circumstance then you're off the hook. Just try to give me as much advance notice as you can so I can let anyone know who might be on the waitlist for that day. 

Class is $20 and you can pay in cash, Zelle, PayPal, or Venmo. 

What To Bring

You'll need an outdoor blanket to sit on (or a lawn chair if sitting on the ground is too uncomfortable right now), a baby shaker/rattle, a small stuffed animal, and something to use for peekaboo (a small blanket, burp cloth, scarf, etc). 

Can my partner come?

We might delve into topics that are specific to the female experience of childbirth/rearing and since I want everyone to feel comfortable talking openly about these issues, the class is limited to moms only. Grandmothers are welcome (if you want them there) and the whole family can always join any of our regular music classes. If you're a dad and you'd like to be part of a new parent class please reach out and we'll find a way to make it happen (dads need support and socialization too!).

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