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Birthday Parties

40 minutes of music for the kids and adults with guitar, shakers, bubbles, scarves, and more hands on instruments! Children’s favorites, original tunes, and fun pop songs that will get everyone dancing. We will work with any space and bring everything we need to make your party memorable and fun- hire us separately for smaller parties, or hire both performers for twice the energy, harmonies, and maximum engagement!
Suzanna birthday party
Andy and Suzanna performing together

~make sure there is a separate space for the performance away from toys and noisy guests- everyone should enjoy themselves, but if the kids can’t hear the music or have too many distractions then you’re not getting the most bang for your buck (for loud restaurant parties we highly recommend paying a bit extra for amplification)

~work with their attention span- if you're planning multiple activities then bring out toys/crafts/entertainment in 20-45 minute increments- novelty is key, and kids are much more likely to be engaged in whatever you have planned for them if they only have one option at that moment

~keep a lighter on hand to light the birthday candle! (you wouldn’t believe how many people forget this)

~more tips and advice here– trust us, we’ve seen it all!


One Performer (Andy OR Suzanna)

* $250, 40 minute performance

Two Performers (Andy AND Suzanna) 

* $400, 40 minute performance

Rates quoted above apply to standard size parties (less than 15 children) within NYC limits. Extra charges apply for the following-

~travel to New Jersey, Long Island, and Westchester

~amplification (microphones/speakers)

~longer performance-  *most attention spans are even shorter than average when faced with all the distractions of a party- we don’t recommend more than 40 minutes of music, however we can sometimes (depending on scheduling) extend our time at the party with background music or bubbles/games/etc!

~larger parties (over 15 children)- we recommend hiring either two performers or paying extra for amplification, depending on the performance space and age range of the children


For booking inquiries please email us at, and include the following -

~ date/time

~ location

~ name/age of the birthday child

~ estimated number of kids attending

~ other relevant details

Please note, weekends are very busy times for us between multiple birthday parties, classes, guitar lessons, and rare but much-coveted downtime with our own family. A 40 minute performance booking gets you about an hour of our time- we are happy to stick around for a few minutes after our set to lead the happy birthday song for the cake cutting, but please check with our schedules ahead of time. 

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