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40 minutes of music with guitar, shakers, puppets, bubbles, and varying monthly themes. Our play-based classes are designed to enrich, socialize, and entertain young children- AND their grownups!                                        

40 minute drop-in music classes for ages 0-4
LIC, UES, UWS, Midtown East, Murray Hill, and more!

Virtual Classes on YouTube 

In April 2020 we began streaming weekly music classes from our living room. You can find over 100 replays on our channel, ready to watch any time you're stuck at home and can't make it to an in person class. 

~Our Philosophy~

Live musical experiences do wonders for a child's developing brain and body. Music itself is a complex language, and early participation helps to lay the foundations for pattern recognition across many disciplines they will later encounter- improvements in language processing, gross and fine motor skills, and musical aptitude have all been linked to early musical exposure. Our songs and activities have been personally tested and modified over many years for maximum engagement and with developmentally appropriate practices in mind. 

However there are plenty of other very valid reasons you might want to bring your child to an early developmental music class.

Children can have some of their first experiences in socialization here. Sharing, listening, making new friends, following rules, and resolving conflicts in a safe and monitored environment. Many children in the NYC area have a limited local family network, and early childhood classes can provide a built-in community of support and a chance for the kids and grownups alike to meet neighbors with common interests. Some parents also see classes for this age group as an opportunity to prep their kids for what's to come- a taste of a school setting where there is a clear focus on a teacher and a timeline to follow (while still allowing for the creative play and flexibility that developing minds require).

And sometimes, it's simply a fun excuse to get out of your apartment. Or a break from the pressure and tedium of entertaining a rambunctious toddler. Or maybe you just love seeing your child light up with joy dancing to their favorite song- you can get some of the best pictures and videos from class, these kids are adorable and hilarious when they're in their happy element. Maybe you simply love music too and want to share the experience as a family!

We try to keep all of these factors in mind when designing our curriculum. We piece together a mixture of material with a broad appeal that gives kids lots of  opportunities to explore the music at their own developmentally appropriate pace, and we often modify our plans on the fly depending on the needs of whomever drops in that day. We swap out themes and props on a monthly basis to provide enough repetition for the kids to feel comfortable but enough variety to keep the adults entertained and introduce great new music and activities. Our song selection is a combination of tried and true kids standards (there's a reason why kids are drawn to the same certain songs, sometimes you have to trust the wisdom of the ages), fun pop songs that everyone will appreciate, and original material that we've created when we just can't find a good song about firetrucks or superheroes or sunscreen, etc. 

Above all, we want our classes to be a bright spot in your child's day. Music has enriched our lives beyond measure, and it is such a privilege to share it with a new generation of music lovers and creators.  

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