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What Makes Our Classes Special

There are so many music classes out there and they’re all a little different- and honestly they’re all great! We have many friends and colleagues in the industry and have the utmost respect for anyone in the business of herding feral cats- uh I mean, entertaining small children. 


But here are a few things that we feel make our classes pretty special. 


- We are a true small, mom and pop business. We don’t hire out other performers and send them off to do our material- when you come to a music class you will actually see Andy or Suzanna (or both if you’re lucky!)

This allows us to develop a special relationship with the families who attend our classes. We do our very best to remember every child's name and include them in our musical play. Being parents ourselves 

- This is our career, not a side hustle, and we have a TON of experience. We've been teaching our own classes for over 10 years and we've learned a thing or two in that time. Sustaining the energy it takes to entertain groups of small children while singing, dancing, and playing the guitar is a feat in and of itself. Add in the mental multitasking it requires to remember the music, interact seamlessly with individual kids, and constantly scan the crowd for feedback so that we can tailor each class to the needs of the participants- that is something that took years to master.

This is a major part of the reason we don't hire out other people to do our material- if they can pull off the standard of performance to which we hold ourselves, they should be running their own business too. 

- A bit of horn tooting here- we're great with kids AND incredibly musically talented. Not a humble brag

- Our classes 

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